More Challenges for the Delusional, Coming January 2018, Diode Editions

Peter Murphy’s Prompts and the Writing They Inspired, edited by Ona Gritz & Daniel Simpson. Contributors include Kim Addonizio, Stephen Dunn, Tony Hoagland, Dorianne Laux & more.

Atlantic City Lives, Coming December 2017, Port Press

A letterpress edition of poems by Peter Murphy with wood engravings by Michael McGarvey.

The Last Pub on Earth, 2016, Five Oaks Press


The story of the afterlife and times of the unfortunate Garry Morgan, an alias the author adopted when living as an illegal alien in Wales.

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 I Thought I Was Going to be Okay, 2016, Diode Editions
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“And, yes, when the Murphy-knife is thrust, you’ll gasp, but, then, once it’s twisted, you’ll most likely get to laugh before you cry.” ~Renee Ashley

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 Mr. Nobody, 2014, Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press

Mr.Nobody.Cov“The first person speaker in Mr. Nobody is an exhausted traveler in the weeks…months…years…after 9/11 changed the world he thought he knew.”

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Challenges for the Delusional, 2012, Jane Street Press

challenges-for-the-delusional-200x299Peter Murphy’s Prompts and the Poems They Inspired, edited by Christine Malvasi. Contributors include Stephen Dunn, Kathleen Graber, Dorianne Laux, James Richardson & more.

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Thorough & Efficient, 2008, Jane Street Press

Half Cover“If there’s any heroism here, it is that Murphy never romanticizes his job or his students, which is probably why he lasted so long.”

Stubborn Child, 2005, Jane Street Press

stubcov.3“in the end…Murphy the poet able to raise the unruly and the tawdry to the level of art.” ~Stephen Dunn.

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