Some recent and best of…

Fools Like Me” in Foliate Oak (How those nasty trees ruined my life)

Foundation Talk” in Gravel (Who doesn’t want to remember his first kiss?)

Donald Trump vs. Richard Cory in Atlantic City” in Guernica (What kind of inner life does Donald Trump have?)

Looking for Dylan” in the Schuylkill Valley Journal (Why is Dylan Thomas a stranger in his native land, Wales?)

The Dent on Private Murphy’s Forehead” [PDF] from The New Welsh Review (If it wasn’t for WW II, I wouldn’t be here.)

Getting Bombed” in The Common (If I wasn’t going to die, I realized, I would have to change my life.)

Poetry and Transformation” in The Journal of Baha’i Studies (Not to be overly dramatic, but poetry saved my life.)

Official Substitute” in Bloodletters Literary Magazine (This one’s hard to describe. Might be hard to read too.)

Amateur Museum” in Sleet Magazine (Who knew that Paul Robeson was an honorary Welshman?)

The Funnies in Andrea Reads America (It didn’t matter that I lived on the top floor of a six story walk-up, I wanted a horse.)

Six Ways To Make People Like You” [PDF] from The Lindenwood Review (Oh, Thelma, what have you done?)

Archived: Selected essays on teaching poetry

Of Millionaires and Mariners” [PDF] from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Teachers’ Digest (Why are the Ancient Mariner and Richard Corey hanging in Atlantic City?)

Breaking through the Abstract” [PDF] from Starting with Delight (Which is more difficult, operating a jackhammer or writing a poem?)

Poems-and-Poetry-Writing-Useful-For-Teaching-Shakespeare” [PDF] from The Shakespeare Quarterly (This was published so long ago, I hardly remember writing it.)