A few of my favorite things…

In Due Time” in What Rough Beast

“Watching The Crucible in the Time of Trump at Theatr Newydd, Cardiff” in What Rough Beast

The Free Market” in Transition: Poems in the Aftermath

Mean Time” in Rattle.

Grand Fugue” in Rattle.

Labor Day: Atlantic City” in Rattle.

Next,” “What lies behind perfect love life, Peter Murphy” & “Not That Complicated” in Diode

Harder” in Love & Ensuing Madness

Note” & “Hot and Sour” in Referential Magazine.

“Mission Creep” & “Sing” in Jet Fuel Review

Foreclosure” & “Good Grief” [PDF] in ETC.

Every Time” in Hawaii Pacific Review

Do Not Resuscitate” from Rhino 

Schooled” in Mead Magazine

Glass Box” in Mead Magazine.

Local Birds,” “The Modern Economy” & “Stairs to All Levels” in Sleet Magazine.

“At the New Age Hotel” & “Can’t Dance” in The Cortland Review.

Baptism” in The Cortland Review.

Search For a Bent Twig” in Chest.

If This Be Treason” in Writing for Human Rights.

“Blog,” “Mumbles” & “On Snowdon’s Wilds” in Brickplight.

Eating the Dragon” in U.S. 1 Worksheets.

Llywelwyn’s Dog” in Verse Daily (Ouch, they spelled Llywelwyn wrong).