A few of my favorite things…

The Free Market” in Transition: Poems in the Aftermath

Mean Time” in Rattle.

Grand Fugue” in Rattle.

Labor Day: Atlantic City” in Rattle.

Next,” “What lies behind perfect love life, Peter Murphy” & “Not That Complicated” in Diode

Harder” in Love & Ensuing Madness

Note” & “Hot and Sour” in Referential Magazine.

“Mission Creep” & “Sing” in Jet Fuel Review

Foreclosure” & “Good Grief” [PDF] in ETC.

Every Time” in Hawaii Pacific Review

Do Not Resuscitate” from Rhino 

Schooled” in Mead Magazine

Glass Box” in Mead Magazine.

Local Birds,” “The Modern Economy” & “Stairs to All Levels” in Sleet Magazine.

“At the New Age Hotel” & “Can’t Dance” in The Cortland Review.

Baptism” in The Cortland Review.

Search For a Bent Twig” in Chest.

If This Be Treason” in Writing for Human Rights.

“Blog,” “Mumbles” & “On Snowdon’s Wilds” in Brickplight.

Eating the Dragon” in U.S. 1 Worksheets.

Llywelwyn’s Dog” in Verse Daily (Ouch, they spelled Llywelwyn wrong).